The value of experience

Sometimes, it’s worth paying for expertise and experience. Having worked in the industry for a while, you gather not only experience but contacts.

Here’s a real world example:

Recently, for the new business, we had to create a new logo. That’s pretty common theme, especially if you’re starting out. Using some contacts we had, we got it done within a week and 4 round of e-mail exchanges. Total cost? US$50 and probably 5 hours.

An acquaintance recently undertook to redo his logo as well. He went direct to an agency which proceeded to put together his new logo for him. Great logo, spot-on correct in 2 tries. Cost? CAD$1,500.

That’s not to say he was cheated – different levels of expertise in the designer / agencies part, different amount of time and dedication and the desired quality of the finished product all play a part. Our logo is good – his is great. Then again, we only wanted / needed a good logo.

At the end of the day, the trade off is something the client needs to decide on – and then inform us. From there, it’s simple enough to judge the correct parties to employ.