Time dilution & letting go

One of the hardest things about running your own business is learning to let go.  Once it becomes your work, your baby – learning to release parts of your work to other people – whether or not they are better, is very difficult.  In fact, for some people, it’s impossible.

We’re facing that problem now – we’ve grown to an extent that we have to actually hire someone soon, yet finding the right person and letting them handle the business process is difficult.

There’s a few things you can do though to make it easier on yourself:

– creates policies & procedures

Think ahead, create the policies and procedures necessary and write them down.  When you hand over the job to someone else, they can then just  follow the policies.  This means it’s easier to teach them, and just as importantly, they know exactly what they need to do to satisfy your standards.

– hire good people

Kind of obvious, but you have to make sure to hire the right people.  If you don’t you’re just leaving yourself open to more heartache.

– be patient

Provide time for your employees to get up to speed, remembering that they need time to learn what you’ve known for months or years now.

– create a list of your ‘new’ tasks

You’ve now given the job to someone else; so what are you doing? Make sure to have a list of new tasks that you now tackle in that free time.  Keeping yourself busy is one way to take your mind off the old work.

– check-in regularly; but not too often

Lastly, for your own peace of mind, set up a regular check-in schedule.  Just make sure that the schedule isn’t ‘every 5 minutes’ and you can provide both the oversight and hands-off approach needed.  Generally, 10-15 minutes quick summary at the beginning / end of a day and a weekly longer meeting should be fine for most jobs.