Update on projects

We seem to be working slowly on our projects, slowly moving onwards on each.  I purchased a number of domains a while ago for potential new businesses and ended up not doing anything with them for a while.

With a new hire, we finally had time to get on those projects and started putting up some basic information including Analytics and Adsense.  Until we figure out a better option for those projects, I might as well look into making a couple of dollars via Adsense.


Had my first experience with crowd-sourcing recently, specifically creating a logo for a new project. It was certainly quite interesting, and we got a ton of great submissions.

One of the things that we found was that we didn’t get many submissions till the end, which was a bit of a shame since at least 1 of the submissions we received was so close. As usual, the early bird gets the worm in this case.

The other thing that we found was that due to the large number of submissions, we had some great ideas and concepts introduced to us. It certainly worked quite well.

Lastly, perhaps the thing we found the most difficult was the amount of time it required from us – commenting on all the logos, going through the multiple options and ranking them, etc.

I guess that’s the minus of crowd-sourcing compared to traditional sourcing via an ad agency or graphic designer. Time vs options.