Outsourcing – trials and travails

As an attempt to keep our costs down, we outsource much of our work. And yes, in the traditional sense such as sending work to countries like India, Pakistan and Indonesia.

Generally, the work and results are quite varied. Sometimes, you hit a gem of a worker, the majority of the time though you end up with people who have issues with the English language. And while I’m used to working with people whose English isn’t perfect, there’s a workable level that you require.

On the other hand, using a system like oDesk / elance; we get a lot more applicants a lot faster. In fact, we generally find that we get better response to our requests for work than if we use individuals here.

Our most recent banner request is a great example. Asked for a quote from a designer we have worked with in Vancouver – never got a reply after 4 days.

So we ended outsourcing it because we needed the job done. Fast. That’s what we got – within 24 hours, we had the banner done. Even if it did come with an extra hour of aggravation