Business Follow Through

One of the most amazing aspects of business that I find is the lack of follow through by so many individuals who run their own business.  Time and again, I’ve met numerous consultants, individuals or businesses who lack the ability to follow through and achieve a sale.  Some personal examples:

  • 2 different businesses that I’ve offered to help set their e-commerce websites up at no cost
  • a restaurant that was supposed to help us schedule a party / dinner
  • logistics companies that don’t follow through on contact forms
  • a gateway provider we met in person who  never followed through with a quote
  • a freelance content writer who we were looking to hire
  • etc.

All of the above are real world examples of individuals and businesses who missed out on an opportunity for business.  In many of the cases, we were ready to buy and just needed a little follow-up.  Instead, we received silence.  So, remember – follow through whenever someone offers – you never know where it’s going to lead.

SEO – a constantly changing landscape

One of the most important aspects of gaining sales in an online environment is a good search engine position (generally Google, though Bing and Yahoo! are good too if you aren’t in Canada).  However, finding a good SEO professional is difficult.  There’s a few reasons for this:

– SEO is composed of multiple parts – onsite & offsite obviously, but also technical level changes and content changes

– there are a lot of charlatans out there

– generally, the good consultants are very expensive because they can command those prices

– often, the markets most businesses work in just aren’t valuable enough to be worth a good SEO consultant’s job

– the landscape is changing, so a good SEO consultant or good techniques one year can become bad techniques the next
It’s something that’s been written about by some great SEO writers; but Google has a tendency to burn SEO’s because once a technique / method becomes too popular, it can hurt their results.  So, even if you do follow what they say  – you can sometimes get burnt anyway.

What can you do?

– research.  Make sure you know what you are buying and who is doing the work

– catalog all the work (and make sure they catalog it for you) so you can revert anything that goes bad

– keep control.  Always, always, keep control of the process and all logins and the like

– lastly; go for quality over quantity always.   Good SEO doesn’t have to be expensive; but these days it’s really hard to get away with nothing.