SEO – a constantly changing landscape

One of the most important aspects of gaining sales in an online environment is a good search engine position (generally Google, though Bing and Yahoo! are good too if you aren’t in Canada).  However, finding a good SEO professional is difficult.  There’s a few reasons for this:

– SEO is composed of multiple parts – onsite & offsite obviously, but also technical level changes and content changes

– there are a lot of charlatans out there

– generally, the good consultants are very expensive because they can command those prices

– often, the markets most businesses work in just aren’t valuable enough to be worth a good SEO consultant’s job

– the landscape is changing, so a good SEO consultant or good techniques one year can become bad techniques the next
It’s something that’s been written about by some great SEO writers; but Google has a tendency to burn SEO’s because once a technique / method becomes too popular, it can hurt their results.  So, even if you do follow what they say  – you can sometimes get burnt anyway.

What can you do?

– research.  Make sure you know what you are buying and who is doing the work

– catalog all the work (and make sure they catalog it for you) so you can revert anything that goes bad

– keep control.  Always, always, keep control of the process and all logins and the like

– lastly; go for quality over quantity always.   Good SEO doesn’t have to be expensive; but these days it’s really hard to get away with nothing.

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