New Site, New Venture

As some of you might have realised, I haven’t updated this site in ages.  That’s because things have been extremely busy.  We took some short-term consulting work as a favor for a friend, which ate much of my free time / special project time.  Most of the consulting work deal with onsite SEO and content creation for their site with some additional marketing / usability critique.  Quite a  bit of fun, though not very prosperous as it was a favour.

After that, we launched a new website for PDB Sales Inc (Fortress Geek).  It’s our venture into a broader marketplace, though pickup in sales and interest has been slower.  One of those things – you need more money and more stock if you are tackling a larger marketplace.  Things are going sow, with the stock coming in waves from our various distributors.  Still, launching a new site is always a challenge and it’s one that I need to focus on.