Kickstarter Backer Shipping

What we’ve been doing lately as a side-project is to provide Kickstarter Backer Shipping.  We’ve helped a number of project creators get their products across the border and into the hands of their backers, with currently having completed 3 projects.  We’re scheduled to do at least 1 more in the next year, all in the board gaming industry.

However, we thought it might be worthwhile to open this up to anyone who needs to bring a product across the border and ship their final items to backers.

Fulfillment to backers in Canada (prices in Canadian Dollars)


Service Fee Description
Import $5.00 Customs Fee + $3.50/parcel If stock is sent to our US receiving address, we can import it into Canada along with our weekly restock shipments for a small fee. If we are charged sales tax/duty on the items being imported, you will be assessed this amount as well.
Receiving $20.00/hour Unpacking of a game shipment, and inspection of received product for damage or defects. Average processing time is roughly 100 items/hour. This fee can be waived if you do not want us to inspect your shipment for accuracy/damages.
Order Handling $3.00/shipment + $0.50 per item over 1st item Packing of individual orders for shipping to backers. Includes boxes and packing material, and cost of re-shipping lost or damaged orders.
Shipping Varies Sending each parcel Canada Post Expedited Parcel service. See table below for pricing estimates.
Storage $1.75/ square foot If you need us to store additional copies of stock, or if stock needs to be kept at our warehouse for more than 2 business days prior to shipment, storage fees will apply. Most shipments are sent out immediately after being received.

Estimated Minimum Shipping Cost (Canada)


All costs listed are estimates only. We will provide you with a precise quote based on the dimensions and weight of your item. Please note that availability of specialized services, such as Lettermail, is subject to change.


<0.2kg 0.5kg 1.0kg 1.5kg 2.0kg 3.0kg 5.0kg
Cost/Parcel $3.50* $9.00 $11.00 $12.00 $12.50 $14.50 $17.00


*This price applies to Lettermail service only, which is available for items no larger than 8”x10”x0.5”. Please note that this service is not trackable.

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