Uncertainty, costs and sales

Currently Canada Post is having it’s 5 yearly fight over wages with the Union. I’ve written about how I actually think the workers in the general Canada Post seem to be of a higher quality than what we get from UPS / FedEx/ etc. in general, many of them doing a great job with our packages and helping us do shipping.

However, this uncertainty over the whether they are going to strike / get locked out is seriously harming our e-commerce business.  We’ve seen over a 30% drop in sales with most of our single item order customers deciding not to go ahead with purchasing till this gets sorted.  As it stands, they’ve already delayed the strike for over a week now, which means we’ve been in a holding pattern in shipping for 2 weeks with our stores Starlit Citadel & Fortress Geek.

Why 2 weeks? Mostly due to the fact that it can take up to 8 business days for orders to arrive in the East Coast.   It’s amazing what a small level of uincertainity over whether your shipment is going to arrive or not does to the number of orders and what even a $5 change in shipping costs affects.


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