About Us

PDB Sales Inc. is an e-commerce company based in Vancouver, BC that owns and operates Starlit Citadel – an online games store and Fortress Geek – a Canadian Geek Store. In addition, it also provides an e-commerce and online marketing consultancy services to small and medium businesses in Canada.

Tao Wong is the owner and director of PDB Sales Inc. and has been in marketing since 2001.  Tao has an MSc. in Marketing from the University of Manchester, UK and a BA in Business & Accounting.  Previous jobs before launching PDB Sales Inc. have included being a Public Relations Consultant in Malaysia, and acting as the Marketing Manager for a multi-million dollar Canadian e-commerce business, the Canadian Cancer Society (BC) and NewspaperDirect –  the largest online newspaper distributor in the world. His extensive experience with online marketing and small-and-medium businesses lends itself to highly strategic, low cost marketing programs.