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Starlit Logistics

Just realised I haven’t mentioned the other major project which is the on-going development of our Kickstarter business . We’ve launched a whole new site – Starlit Citadel Logistics and I’m looking forward to pushing the business more in a few weeks when I’m back from vacation.

One of the areas we really want to work on is the sale to subscription box businesses. They are almost the perfect fit for us – businesses that don’t need a lot of warehouse space but do need shipping expertise.  Working with our Kickstarter Fulfilment options, it makes the most of a limited amount of space.

If you know of anyone who  needs this help, you should let us know.

Doing what you do best

We’re an e-commerce company.  We plan the site, add new products, manage the logistics and ship our products to customers.  Our focus and our specialisation basically falls into:

  • B2C Marketing
  • Logistics

It’s what makes us good and what keeps us successful so far.  What we aren’t are:

  • a B2B company
  • a publisher or manufacturer
  • a video production company

Both require expertise in areas that we do not have.  Focusing on what we do best generally generates the most profits – pushing out to areas where we don’t have expertise in, while good in terms of diversifying risk can also leave customers (current and future) unhappy with us.

It’s often better, especially when  you are small to focus on what you are best at.

Update on projects

We seem to be working slowly on our projects, slowly moving onwards on each.  I purchased a number of domains a while ago for potential new businesses and ended up not doing anything with them for a while.

With a new hire, we finally had time to get on those projects and started putting up some basic information including Analytics and Adsense.  Until we figure out a better option for those projects, I might as well look into making a couple of dollars via Adsense.