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Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn & Pinterest

So let’s talk about the various social media aspects out there.  Here’s my take on the above mentioned social media sites:


As a business you should have a Facebook Business Page.  That should be integrated to your main website so that customers can ‘Like’ your site immediately.

Things to note:

  • Probably the most widely used, so large audience numbers.
  • Social feeds can expand your reach quickly
  • Customers in FB are not intent on purchasing, so this is more a social awareness push – though on your page sale events and other promotions can be used
  • Recent changes in FB feeds has reduced the views of each update on your page.  Images are the highest, videos a 2nd and all others come a distant 3rd.  So to grow your FB likes, add lots of images.
  • Advertising to increase likes is a so-so option.  It increases likes fast but is costly and is not targeted.


Has been slowly growing with a more tech-oriented crowd and a higher level of interaction seen among those who use Google+.  However, not widely used so far.

Things to note:

  • Integration between Google+ Business Pages and other Google platforms can be tricky (especially if you’ve previously created separate accounts)
  • Not widely used, but much more interactive.  You need to be more active in Circles to get the most from this
  • Great for SEO – links are all dofollow and if shared a lot, can provide a good PR boost


Mostly useful for short messages and customer contacts

Things to note:

  • A must-have for customer relationships
  • Useful for disseminating blog posts, videos, etc if you build up the right followers
  • Auto-following everyone who follows you is potentially viable but can clog up your news feed too
  • Again, join conversations – don’t sit there by yourself shouting without interacting


Generally only useful for personal networking and service oriented businesses (b2b).  Not as useful if you are doing generic retail from our experience.

Things to note:

  • More professionals use this, so higher level of contacts and market
  • Great for creating warm leads in a sales environment
  • Can be useful for creating company profiles to develop additional reputation


Images driven, so if you have something image driven it’s really useful.

Things to note:

  • Pin images for your own company but also other images
  • Repin and follow people – create a social community again
  • Infographics do really well here




Social Media and the glut of information

Oooh my heard hurts when I start thinking about all the social media sites out there. There are just so many right now, it’s beginning to really get bad. Google+ just launched in an attempt to take away from Facebooks dominance.  It’s better designed certainly, doesn’t feel as clunky but…

Do we really want all this social media in our lives? Read a few good cyberpunk novels or sci-fi novels and sometimes, I worry.  It won’t take long before all the information we put out there (whether or not we want it to or not) will be available.

On the other hand, the good news is that with all this information, it’ll get harder and harder to find anything.  If you’re looking for a business idea, data mining and analysis will be a major thing for the futre.