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Those Who Know, Do

And those who don’t, consult.  Or teach.  Depending on who you ask.

A lie, of sorts.  There’s a million reasons why someone would consult or teach.

  • Lack of capital to start a business
  • Lack of desire to learn the other areas of business (e.g. logistics or accounting or HR)
  • Enjoyment of the act of consulting / teaching
  • Insufficient time to run a full business
  • Using consulting / teaching to boostrap capital
  • etc.

Yet, like most things there’s a grain of truth in there.  Be careful about the consultants and teachers you find, always check their previous references and check what they’ve done.  Many aren’t able to run a business because really, they just aren’t that good.

New Plans

So. Once an entrepreneur, always one. I have a rather bad tendency to get involved in multiple projects at once, which be detrimental to making sure any of them get the right kind of focus they need to be successful.

Currently, working on a site called Trails Today which is a hiking / trails website. Been working on it for a few years, problem is focusing and getting the code finally right and the developers focused on it. Ah well, here’s hoping it gets up within the next few months!