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Inventory Management Solutions

One of our biggest projects of the year has been an inventory managmenet system. or ERP system for our online stores.  We’ve tried using SaaS sytems before and found them a pain as they weren’t able to handle what we needed.  We considered (briefly) looking at a full ERP system, specifically OpenERP but the thought of using another Open Software system that isn’t stable and prone to breaking made us whimper.

So we ended up purchasing an inventory management system from Magestore.  I wish I could say it’s good, but it really isn’t.   There were (and still are) significant bugs in the system and there are significant gaps in the reporting and usefulness of the system.  Among our issues:

  • No way to track individual stock changes for individual items
  • Mystery stock changes
  • Available / Physical / Hold Quantities do not line up and often are wrong and can’t be adjusted at times
  • No way to use the software for shipping individual orders out
  • No COGs reporting

Truthfully, with the sheer volume of bugs involved; if we weren’t already invested in it’s use I’d dump it and go looking for a new system. I’m still considering dumping it.