Why Us?

There are numerous marketing and advertising agencies within Vancouver and Canada.   Many are staffed and run by consummate professionals with incredible qualifications and strong track records.  In light of these facts, why hire us?

We’ll Tell You The Truth – because we have our own self-sustaining businesses, we only take clients on that we feel are likely to benefit from our expertise.  If you have our attention, it’ll be 100%.  If we feel the program that we have put together or the direction you are requesting isn’t the way to go, we’ll tell you the truth upfront.

We’re E-commerce Specialists – We do e-Commerce and we do it well. We have experience with offline branding but it’s online where we shine and it’s e-Commerce businesses that we have made successful.  More importantly, its e-Commerce in Canada that we know and trust us, the market is very different here than in the US.

We’ve Done It Before – In fact, we’ve put our money where our mouths are and actually grown highly successful e-commerce businesses using many of the tactics we’ll recommend.  If it works, we know it works.  If it doesn’t, we’ll tell you why not and in what circumstances that might be different.

We’re Passionate About Business – it’s the only reason why we consult.  We love business, we love watching small & medium businesses grow.  It’s fun, it’s exciting and we keep coming back and doing it because there’s just a little love in the air.